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needagooddeed's Journal

In Need of a Good Deed
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A group for those who need a hand
I created this group because my family recently lost everything they owned during a house fire. I saw how the kindness of complete strangers helped them get back on their feet again. Many of my Livejournal friends came through to help support me and my family during this rough time, so I created this group to try and help others through Livejournal. I want to help others in need and this group is a place to post if you need help. If you or someone you know recently went through a bad situation and could use some help, post about it here and hopefully the community can band together and help those who truly need it.

I will moderate posts for now. I want to make sure those who do post are truly in need and not just being greedy. This is not just a wishlist community, this is for people who truly need help for whatever reason. You are welcomed to post about people you know in your community that need help and take up a collection for them, and even charities that are in special need of items or money.

If you are the type who likes to give advice, please join. If you think you have a bunch of old items laying around that people might need, please join. If you are employed in an industry that might be useful for those in need (clergy, state departments, counseling, etc), please join. Everyone is welcome even if you can't give much, even if you just want to give emotional support. It is appreciated.

Simple Rules:
1) Please put images under a cut to save friends pages (maybe one reasonable sized one above cut)
2) Please put extremely long details behind a cut. I encourage you to write full details and perhaps make a quick list to summarize what items are needed, this way the quick scanners can also get an idea of what is in the post.
3) Please tell the story. Don't just ask for what you need, tell us the circumstances so we can understand.
4) Include ages and information on the people. Tell us what they like and need so we can decide f we are able to help them easier. For instance, if the family needs clothing, tell us sizes and the genders of those in need.
5) I will limit the same posting to be only posted once. After a month, if the situation is severe and I felt there was a lack of help for the person, I may allow you to re-post. If new information or needs come up, please feel free to update us. However, please limit yourself and do not post a new need every single day, try to keep it concise in one post as much as possible.
6)If you want to post an address or paypal account, feel free too. However, if you prefer they e-mail you for that info, that is fine too. Just leave some sort of contact info in the post.
7) Tag your entries. I am going to try and create tags and you can only use those tags to keep it simple. You may suggest new tags since it may be hard to anticipate everything. (please do not use certain tags that are reserved for mod posts, I will have to fix those if that is the case).
8) Don't be greedy. This is a group for those in need, not those who just want free items.

I reserve the right to refine these rules as needed since I imagine I cannot anticipate everything so early on.

I am looking for another mod or two, specifically someone with good HTML abilities to make this site more appealing.