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I have posted a wish on wishuponahero.com and thought I would also share it here in the hopes that maybe someone could help.  

I wish for body suits to keep my service dog warm!
Here in Melbourne, Australia it is nearly Winter time and getting very cold! Luigi is my Medical Alert and Response Dog. He saves my life and keeps me safe.

Luigi is an Italian Greyhound and this means he has very little fur and no body fat to keep him warm. So he wears a bodysuit while he is on the job. Because of the unique body shape (very narrow across the shoulders but a very deep chest) store brought dog clothes do not fit him properly. He needs custom made bodysuits. He measures 36cm length and 42cm girth.

Currently we have 2 body suits but we really need a few more so we don't have to wash these every night.

Our current suits IG XS sized from Pet Paraphernalia in Australia who will sell them to Luigi for the wholesale price- http://www.petparaphernalia.com.au

Another place that does suits for Italian Greyhounds is Houndz in the Hood in America. http://www.houndzinthehood.com/itgreybod.html

Or maybe you could sew something similar? Luigi would appreciate that too!

You can see more of Luigi at his website- www.luigidog.com

Thank you for reading our wish. Luigi and I appreciate it very much!


There is also a paypal link. All donations will go towards buying bodysuits for Luigi.

Flooded out in TN

 My family lives just north of Memphis, TN in the military town of Millington.  We are not military - I say this because those people are getting government assistance.  Our house was under nearly 5 1/2 feet of water.  We lost it all:  new couch, bedroom suite, TV, computers.  You name it, we lost it.  I've been trying to find the light in the situation.  I'm trying to remember that from bad comes good. 

Normally I am a giver.  I've given away over 8,500 items in the past 2 years.  I always adopt a family for christmas & go all out.  I am always giving so I don't know how to accept help.  It's hard to remember that even my gracious thank you is enough for most people. 

It was suggested that I post here & share the link.  This is the original post of things we're missing.  However, please note that we lost it all so anything is greatly appreciated.  Things I may not be able to use can be shared with my neighbors or to our local Freecycle site. 

Thank you for considering us worthy.  We are humbled beyond belief.

Dog needs home or foster volunteer

Taken from another group I am in (driveforlife).

This isn't a transport (yet, unless he gets adopted/fostered), so sorry if this is the wrong place. I just know that people who know rescues are on this community, and I don't know where else to post.

This is Beowulf. He is looking for a last chance rescue. Due to extreme circumstances, he cannot stay in his foster home any more. He has no place to go but to animal control, and he will certainly be euthanized if he ends up there. His options have run out, and we are looking for any rescue that will consider taking him.

He has been fully vetted and neutered, and we will raise money for transportation.

Beowulf is a blind and deaf Catahoula. He has been at this foster home since he was 4 months old. Now he is 7 months old. He is fully vetted, neutered, has all shots and has been on heartworm protection his whole life. He is crate trained, very sweet.

He is in Louisiana but, we can transport anywhere. Beowulf is running out of time!

*If you can help Beowulf please email: GEBDR at yahoo dot com.

Vote for Chaucer!

Please help a friend of mine. His book, Chaucer's First Winter is eligible to be featured in Cheerios boxes across the country next year--but he needs your votes! Voting is open through Saturday, 10/31, and you can vote once daily from every computer.

It would mean the world to him if you would help keep his book in the top five. He doesn't need money, just your support. Please spread the word--the more people voting, the better chance he has!

Voting is here. Please vote daily and spread the link to your friends.

Thank you!
I was looking on wishuponahero.com and came across a few wishes that some people might be able to help with. You would visit the site to contact them regarding fulfilling their wishes. These are wishes for their kids. I put descriptions behind the cut to keep your friends pages clean.

I know the economy has hit a lot of us really hard, but kids should not have to suffer too much through these rough times. These wishes I am posting require very little money (if any) money on your part, perhaps there is a way you can help out?

The Dollar Tree is a nifty place for cheap party decorations if you wanted to buy things to donate. I might be doing that for a few of these...Or you might have some things laying around that you could donate.

Needs birthday stuff for a little girls 4th birthday party

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Birthday cards and other party supplies for a little girl

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Christmas gifts and shoes for two little girls

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Mod Post

I am going to be taking in requests for another Moderator. I could use someone with experience getting a group off the ground and getting the word out there in order for it to grow. If you are interested, please send me a message via LJ explaining what you think you could do for the group.

I seriously want to make this group grow, but not exactly sure if I know how. I would love to have it on the LJ spotlight so we could get the word out to everyone. I really do want to help others and think the LJ world is full of good people who might be able to help. We just need to have enough members in order to do so.

So I am going to be working on this group hard core now. Please let me know if you want to be considered for a mosterator position. Any skills a making logos and stuff would also be nice.


Cross posted from lj community socialwork:

UPDATE: I have deleted this post, as ladycatherina's friends have asked that I do so. Her friends who are seeking support for abuse want to write their own post that will explain the entire situation.

Thank you so much to everyone who responded or tried to help.

Please read the post from ladycatherina's lj blog to myself below for an explanation why her friends' asked for the post to be deleted:

“Thanks for the reposts about my friends' friends who are experiencing abuse - they very much appreciate the support. However, they did not actually write that post - other friends created it for them without explaining their entire situation. For example, the abuse is not physical so much as financial and emotional...still wrong but harder to prove. Also, they are only looking to live with people they already know and trust due to some bad roommate experiences. They would prefer that you delete the reposts...no offense intended, it's simply that they don't feel comfortable living with strangers who may offer temporary housing (even friends of friends of friends) and will turn those offers down, which might hurt some people's feelings who are trying to help. They really appreciate that we took the time to help out and look for resources...just they would rather write their own post and explain the entire situation before people go out looking for help and advice, just to make sure that people understand what's going on and look for the right things. So if you wouldn't mind please delete the posts in the communities where you reposted...you may explain why and thank people who responded, or I'd be happy to thank everyone”.


Dogs in need of transport

I found this in a group that is dedicated to transporting dogs and cats from shelters to rescue groups and humane society's that can handle them. They are in need from some people willing to help drive a leg of the trip for these dogs to get them to their end destination and not end up being put to sleep in overcrowded shelters.

For all you animal lovers out there, if you live anywhere near one of these trips, you can help out by offering to drive a short distance. The entire trip is from Shelbyville, KY to Hopkinton, MA, but people break it down into smaller legs to make it easier to accomplish. The itinerary for the trips are under the cut, if you can full one of the slots, please contact the people listed under the cut as they would surely appreciate it!

Without this trip to a humane society, these dogs could wind up being put down.

Thanks everyone!


I have reached desperation mode. I MUST have 2 drivers for the legs and I am missing 1 driver for each of the first 2 legs. Without these 2 drivers 8 dogs are going to die.

We are pulling Spinner off the transport for this week. She is ok, but, we need her to wait. However, I am adding a 45 pound dog coming from an OH shelter that is going to Donna and Marie in Buffalo, so we still need 2 drivers.

I am truly begging at this point. Ellie Mae needs to be kept away from the other dogs, so I would LOVE to have someone with a larger vehicle, but, we’ll figure it out if you don’t. PLEASE! If you can’t help, please cross post and forward. If you can figure out a way to drive, I would be forever grateful!

Thank you all,



Transport for 8 dogs

Shelbyville, KY to Hopkinton, MA

Saturday and Sunday April 25 and 26, 2009

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Please help me get back in school!

Hello, I am a 22 year old Student of Psychology at the University of Houston. Unfortunately, last year my father suffered a heart attack and under went a quadruple bypass. I left school in Texas to come home and take care of him, which was only supposed to be temporary.
Luckily, over a year later my father is alive and doing very well but I seem to have myself stuck in Michigan.
I incurred some debt just trying to keep the household a float while my father was unable to work.
I'm all tapped out as far as possible student loans, the ones I do have I'll have to start paying on this summer if I can't enroll.
I have one more year to go and I just want to finish school.

I need to raise a little over a thousand just to cover moving costs and apartment fees then I would be able to sustain a job back in Houston and pay off my own debts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for listening to one of millions of the students in need!


Please read, I am almost there!

Hi, my name is Kristie and I am trying to get some help with getting dentures, I have tried EVERYTHING to get dentures and I feel that I am on the right track but I am running out of time and still need help with funding. I hope this is ok to post here. Here is a link to my wish on wishuponahero.com, where I am trying to come up with the rest of the money I need for my dentures.
I do have pictures posted (before and after dental problems). Modest needs.org is going to try to help me with 1,000.00, but to complete my application I need to show that I have the other $535.00 that it will cost, so far on wishuponahero, I have $155.00 in donations from the wonderful heroes at WUAH, I still need $380.00, I really am hoping that I can get this by tomorrow, that way I can send in the proof that I have it to modestneeds.org before they close my application again, they closed my application early last time I applied (a couple weeks ago) and I had to reapply. I would like to send in proof tomorrow so they will have it by Monday, they say I have 7 days left but last time they cut off the application 3 days early because they were getting so many request they had to open space for new applications. I can show emails from modestneeds.org to prove what I am saying is true. Please visit my wish, you can then see my other wishes and see all I have endured in the process of trying to get pain relief from my bad teeth and to aquire some dentures. Please help me SMILE again. I hope it is ok that I posted this here, my wish got barried and no one is seeing it. I did send in my dental estimate and it was verified by WUAH administrators.
Thank you for reading my need.
Have a Blessed Day,