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Save Pe' Sla

"Someone asked me today, how I would feel if Pe' Sla were bought by developers and destroyed... I couldn't speak. There was a pain in my chest, and I cried. The person on the phone thought I hung up. How would you feel if your whole way of life was threatened? If a place that was holy and mysterious was covered by a parking lot? Bethlehem was an amusement park?" - Sara Jumping Eagle

Pe' Sla is very sacred land to the Lakota Nation. It hasn't actually belonged to them for a long time, however, and now on August 25th its going to be put up for private auction, and faces future development. The state hopes to receive it and plans to build a highway through it. Many people who plan on bidding hope to win it to get development rights on the land. Regardless, this piece of the country's natural beauty and a place of unimaginable importance- both historically and religiously- to the Lakota is about to be destroyed. The Nation has a campaign going, trying to raise enough money to buy the land back before the auction begins. Unfortunately with so little time remaining, this is impossible, but the Lakota still plan to use every penny of the money earned to buy back sacred land and protect it- there are many other places that are privately or federally owned, or at risk for future development, that the Lakota hope to buy back and preserve, so this fundraiser certainly won't be in vain, even if Pe' Sla is sadly lost.

If there's anything at all that you can give to this cause to help, please try. Too much of our land has already been stolen and abused, and too many places of great importance to us have been destroyed. Its such a shame that causes like this don't end up raising even a fraction of the money that ridiculous things do on Kickstarter and the like, but that's why I hope this community can help! Even a dollar or two goes a long way, and it goes towards protecting sacred land, preserving a Nation's history and culture, and saving the habitat of many animals, at least some of which are potentially endangered. There's not much time left, but a lot can get done in 55 hours! With enough support, who knows how high the amount can go in that time! I truly hope some folks here can help out and make a difference. Thank you so much for reading. The link is right below: