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I need some help.

Two surgeries and some broken/decayed teeth have left me with many bills that I don't have money to pay. I have always given my money to help others when I have it, and now I need help myself. See my story under the cut below.

I created a page at GoFundMe to help get money for my hospital and dental bills.

Could you guys help me by sharing my link?

If I can get $100 in online donations, then the site will include my page in their site search.

Here's the link: http://www.gofundme.com/HelpShel

If any of you can help with a donation, I would appreciate it.

If you can't donate, I would appreciate it if you could share my link.

In 2012, I had surgery to remove two kidney stones. While I was still trying to pay off that bill, I found out that I had another kidney stone that was causing me trouble. Trying to avoid another surgery, I tried for weeks to pass the stone only to have another stone appear and give me even more trouble. At the end of July 2013, I had surgery for one of the two stone. The doctor was unable to remove both stones at once because of their locations. Surgery was scheduled to remove the second stone. Fortunately, I was able to pass that stone.

However, during that time, I also broke a tooth. My dentist was out of town on vacation, and I had to see a dentist that was not in my insurance network. I had that tooth fixed, but I learned that many of my teeth are in very bad shape. My regular dentist hadn't done x-rays in a while, and I had no idea that my teeth that looked great on the outside were decaying from the inside out. Since the original broken tooth, I have had a few more teeth fixed, but I need to have more worked on. The dentist is worried that I may form an abscess if they are not fixed soon. At each visit I have only been able to pay a little (less than $100 each time), but my bill keeps growing. My insurance has paid a lot, but I still owe a lot.

On top of all the doctor, hospital, and dentist visits, I discovered that my car needs work. I am needing an oil change, but I fear that I actually have a problem with the car that will take more than an oil change to fix.

So, I still owe:
-- about $100 from the 2012 surgery
-- $400 for the 2013 surgery (plus doctor bills I haven't received yet)
-- $700 for my first dentist visit
-- $1,000 for my second dentist visit
-- between $700 & $1,000 each for two (possibly three) more dentist visits
-- an unknown amount for fixing the car (I'd guess at least $150)

That all adds up to almost $5500. Plus, I'm still trying to pay my rent and buy groceries each month. I am still working, but I work retail, and we haven't really hit our busy season yet. So, the hours I work each week are really fluctuating until later in the year.

Also, I am a one income family. It's just me and my cat. Of course, when money is tight, feeding and caring for my cat, Tinker, comes first. I would rather go hungry myself than see him suffer.

Thank you for any help you can provide.