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A plea for emergency help

This is a repost of a plea for help.  Today is rosehiptea's birthday; it's also another day she faces in which she doesn't know how she'll support herself.  Her father's death two months ago unexpectedly put her in a pile of financial problems.  Since she made this post for help, one more financial "surprise" after another has emerged that her father never warned her about, throwing her deeper and deeper into debt with no way to get out of it.  Doors keep getting closed in her face as she seeks help from various agencies; she may just need a few friends to open some windows for her.

She's a great lady, someone I care about tons, and she could use your help and mine.  Please consider paying it forward--even a dollar of yours through PayPal would be such a blessing.  Please consider helping (her PayPal, listed below as well, is yosefraptor at yahoo dot com).  I just did.  <3

Thank you, loves.
Originally posted by rosehiptea at My appeal post
My father passed away recently, rather suddenly. He had a reverse mortgage on his home and was deeply in debt, so any money left in the estate after the funeral expenses will have to go to pay off the debt. I am living in the house and was driving a car that technically belonged to him, but now the house will be foreclosed on (not immediately, fortunately) and the car is going to have to be sold since it's in his name. (It also isn't running right now.)

I was trying to get my life together before this happened but I hadn't gotten very far. I do have a nearly full-time job but it doesn't pay very well. I am a CNA and I'm going to look for a better job or a second job so I can support myself in a rented room. I'm not sure how I'll do that without a car, but I'm going to have to do my best.

Any financial help would be extremely appreciated. I will have to pay off the household bills he left (hundreds of dollars worth) and try to support myself in this house for a while. (There is a renter but he might move at any time.) Then I will have moving expenses. I wish I could offer something in return for you guys but I really don't have any art skills like the people who offer fanart.

My Paypal is yosefraptor at yahoo dot com. Thank you so much for any consideration, or just a signal boost, or just your kind thoughts.

To my friends: I know some people have mentioned offering something in exchange for donations and if you want to repost this and do that that's wonderful of you.

I realize a lot of people are broke and stretched to the limit. I'm sorry I have to even ask.

ETA: erin_c_1978 and senoritafish have been very kind to offer artistic incentives!