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I'm writing this on behalf of my housemates, who are going through a serious health crisis.

Eight weeks ago, my housemate Katie (purpura around these parts) had her second child, a month early, by caesarian section -- and when she didn't wake up from the general anesthesia, her doctors determined something was wrong with her heart. They soon discovered she'd had a pregnancy-related heart attack, likely a few weeks before giving birth. They implanted a device to supplement her heart's pumping action. It's worked well, allowing her to gradually come out of sedation and begin to recover. This past week, she got out of ICU and into a recovery room, and after several more weeks of recovery and rehabilitation, her doctors say she should be ready to come home.

Still, the LVAD isn't a permanent solution. She will require a heart transplant -- and after six months, if all goes well, she should be recovered enough to be able to have one, when possible.

Meanwhile, new baby Oliver is doing wonderfully well. This week, Katie was able to hold him, and to hug her older son, 6-year-old Charlie.

Now, during her weeks of sedation, her husband Jeff (ioldanach) noticed that her hair was unbelievably tangled. Katie takes good care of her curly hair -- she's a big fan of the Curly Girl books. Their author, Lorraine Massey, is one of Katie's Facebook friends. So Jeff reached out to Lorraine to ask some advice.

Not only did Lorraine answer, she actually visited Katie in her hospital room on August 5th to personally help take care of her hair. Today, she made a second visit, and this time Katie was awake and conscious enough to appreciate it.

Today is also the day the doctors changed Katie's tracheostomy device, enabling her to say her first words in eight weeks.

Lorraine has set up a donation page to help Katie and Jeff with medical expenses. Please, if you can, consider donating -- or pass that link around and boost the signal.

Whether or not you choose to donate, though, please consider patronizing or publicizing Lorraine's salon and her products.

Thanks for your time and attention.