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Calling for help for a loved one

Moms Cat

(The photo above is of my mom's cat, Octavius, sleeping curled up under a blanket).

My mom just called with really bad news. Her cat, Octavius, was hit by a car last night. She ran him to the emergency vet last night and he survived through the night. while he's suffering some brain trauma, he's alert and aware. The big problem is they need to repair his jaw and possibly amputate his leg. The problem? It's $500 and they need it tomorrow, or else no surgery will be performed.

As most of you know, my family is very poor. They take in rescue animals and always have. My mom sacrifices stuff like clothing for herself to feed these critters and these are her babies. In the past, she has made payment plans with the vet, but this time they still owe $300 and the vet won't let her make payments until that's paid off. They don't have it. My step-dad is unemployed and disabled. He's in the throes of full blown dementia. My mom is trying to get disability. They have very little money coming in and they live in an RV after their home burnt down several years ago.

So happy holidays, right? I have nothing or else I'd give her a little bit. I have $85 to my name and while I may be getting my unemployment any day now, it's not even enough to cover my rent that's due at the 1st so I am going to be struggling too.

I'm going to try to raise money for her. Any little bit helps and I think I may offer to make fudge for those who'd like it. Or I will offer to edit for any writers out there. Or maybe I can offer a gift story centered around a theme of your choosing.

Anything I can do to help. This bums me out like nothing else because the only money they have is for the kid's Christmas that they'd saved up all year. Otherwise, they have nothing and what a way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It's so painful to be an animal lover. I got my love and devotion to animals from my mom. Her babies are loved as much as Annabelle and Miss Kitty is, so this is really painful to me too. Octavius is such a sweet boy who gives kisses, curls up our arms and let's anyone hold him because he's just so easy going. I've never met a more laid back and sweet cat in my life.

I'm sorry guys, I hate turning to you all again. It's been one heck of a year for me, and now this. So I understand if there's nothing you can do. No hard feelings. I'm going to try to get this out to as many places I can and hope for the best.

Feel free to respost if you'd like. Again, no hard feelings if you can't help, I understand and feel bad enough asking as it is. But if there's anything I can do, I'm going to do it and this is about all I can do right now thanks to being unemployed.

If you'd like to help, her paypal is justebay12@yahoo.com. Leave a comment here if you'd like me to work on something for you. I still owe some people cookies and plan to do that soon, I can throw something in for anyone who wants it.

As mentioned above, I can also edit for the writers out there, or I can write gift stories with themes chosen by you. Or I can work on any design work you may need help with. I'm offering all this for donations to my mom for her cat. Anything else you can think of, I'm more than happy to do too. Just let me know.

(reposted from my personal journal)